Categories of Japanese Men

Hokkaido Men

Hokkaido men are always calm and spiritual, they are not very good at speech but are amiable. Especially those living along close to the port like Otaru, Hakodate & etc, their personalities are somewhat affected by the open trading in the past.

Kanto Men

Kanto people on the other hand are perceived as more sophisticated, reserved and formal, in keeping with Tokyo’s history and modern status as the nation’s capital and largest metropolis.”

Kansai Men

Many characteristic traits of Kansai people descend from Osaka merchant culture. Kansai men are seen as being pragmatic, entrepreneurial, down-to-earth and possessing a strong sense of humour.

Kyushu Men

Kyushu guys are comparatively conservation, the society is male-dominated, women always step behind their men.

Okinawa Men

Okinawa is a small island, people tends to more united. They treat each other as consanguinity. When things happen, they will unify and fight with the aliens.

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