◆Special package plan

Private Gay Assistant in Tokyo + Gay Town Tour in Tokyo(Shinjuku Ni-chōme)

【9H Program】

1.6H Program (Private Gay Assistant in Tokyo)
2.3H Program (Gay Town Tour in Tokyo(Shinjuku Ni-chōme))

■Regular fee

Fee per person (Single User) : JPY 40,000

Fee per person (2people in a group) : JPY 30,000

Fee per person (3people) : JPY 23,000

Fee per person (4people) : JPY 21,000

■Special fee

This is a discounted rate.

Fee per person (Single User) : JPY 36,000

Fee per person (2people in a group) : JPY 26,000

Fee per person (3people) : JPY 19,000

Fee per person (4people) : JPY 17,000

The Assistant is available to guide and assist you for 9 hours (between the hours of 9am and 9pm).

Our English speaking gay Assistant will accompany wherever you want to visit & provide information and assistance as you travel through tourist sites, or cultural events, or go shopping or whatever you activities you have in mind. The Tokyo region has a tremendous variety of activities – sports, theater (including Noh and Kabuki, though our Assistants are not experts in these art forms), music, architecture, Buddhist temples and Shinto Shrines, historical sites, nature, art and history museums, and lots more. (Please note that this service is only available in the Tokyo/Kanto area.)
In Tokyo’s gay town, they will help you find the bars catering to the type of gay subculture that interests you. They will help you understand the unique rules and etiquette of Japanese gay bars. They can also assist you in finding a gay massage or other sensual services if you so desire.

■General information

Our English-speaking gay will be your Assistant and guide in the Tokyo area.

Please note the following:

– Guests are responsible for any expenses incurred for the Assistant during the tour (for example: entrance fees, transportation costs, shared meals, seating charges at bars as well as drink charges, etc.).

– Payment for TGJ services must be paid in cash to the Assistant at the beginning of the tour.

– Time extensions may be possible if the guide has the time available. Please negotiate extra time with the Assistant.

– Please be aware that neither TGJ nor our Assistants are licensed to provide massage or other sensual services.


GoGo bar like Thailand is not in Japan.
There is a club event where Drag Queen and GoGoBoy appear at the 2 chome at the weekend.

It is only for enjoying dancing and shows.
Usually it will be the midnight starring time.

If you want to see it with the assistant, it is necessary to negotiate and extend the time.
Most Japanese gay bars slowly drink alcohol and enjoy karaoke.

Reservation Form

To make reservation, please fill out the form and click “Send”. Our staff will contact you as soon as possible. If you have any special requests or specific places that you know you would like to visit, please indicate in the Remarks section.

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